Rancho Pacifico Bar Menu


Signature Cocktails


Celery Cilantro Gimlet – Refreshing blend of lime, celery and cilantro with vodka or tequila

Caipirinha – Brazilian cachaça and fresh limes

Cucumber Lemonade – A refreshing vodka or gin cocktail served on the rocks or blended

 RP Grand Mojito – An RP exclusive with Grand Marnier, Limes, Mint and Club Soda

 Noche de Cartagena – Made with Colombian aguardiente and fresh passionfruit juice


Traditional Cocktails 


Creamy Coladas – Your choice of melon, papaya, banana, mango or traditional piña (pineapple)

Mai Tai – White and dark rums, pineapple, and orange juice

Planters Punch – Rum with fresh tropical fruit juices

Old Fashioned – Bourbon, orange peel, bitters, and simple syrup

Mojitos – Choose traditional, strawberry-basil, mango, or passion fruit

Margaritas – Great tequilas – fresh fruits

Daiquiris – Rum and your choice of fresh Kiwi, Papaya,Pineapple, and other exotic fruit combinations

Every other cocktail under the sun – Just ask!




 Coconut Martini – Vodka, coconut liquor, cream and cinnamon

Pineapple Basil Martini – RP’s most famous cocktail

Ginger Martini – Fresh ginger spices it up

Chocolate Martini – Featuring Costa Rican cocoa

Hot Chocolate Martini – Cayenne adds a spicy afternote

Orange Chocolate Martini – Blend of Grand Marnier and vodka

Chocolate Mint Martini – Like an after dinner candy – with fresh mint

Traditional Martinis – Dirty or clean with your choice of vodka or gin




National Beers $7 – Imperial, Imperial Light, Pilsen, Bavaria

Craft Beers $8

Ask about Costa Rican Micheladas!



Our cocktails are prepared with premium liquors and fresh fruit.

All cocktails and martinis $14. Prices do not include tax and service charges.