The RP Story

Every great hotel tells a story. Our story begins with a location that can’t be duplicated – with cool mountain breezes, surrounding rainforest, and majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. The story continues with a level of service and personal charm that can only be achieved by a team of staff members that truly cares for our guests. The rest of the story depends on you, come to Rancho Pacifico and see where your story starts.

Where the Mountains meet the Sea

Rancho Pacifico is located in the only part of Costa Rica where the mountains rise directly out of the sea. As a result, we enjoy an extraordinary combination of natural beauty and biological diversity that you will find nowhere else. The resort sits in the cool mountain breezes nearly 2,000 feet above sea level with commanding views of the Pacific Ocean.

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“With many thanks for your friendship and great respect for your wonderful stewardship of a very special part of the Costa Rican rainforest. Best wishes.”

– Al Gore

Rancho Pacifico beach resort bag.

About Us

Rancho Pacifico is owned and operated by Marlo and Mark Leaman. Marlo is a registered yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and registered dietetic technician. Mark is a mechanical engineer whose first career was devoted to the development and marketing of electric generating facilities – particularly wind and solar energy facilities. Mark and Marlo fell in love with Costa Rica years ago on a family trip with their children. After many return trips, they were thrilled to have the opportunity to acquire the incredible Rancho Pacifico hotel. Marlo and Mark are from the Chicago, Illinois area of the United States.


The Rancho Pacifico Philosophy

There are plenty of eco-lodges throughout Costa Rica and other parts of the world. It is a rare thing, however, to find a luxurious resort hotel like Rancho Pacifico that combines ecological sensitivity with an award-winning spa, world-class dining, and the kind of personal attentive service that can only be achieved with a staff-to-guest ratio of nearly 1:1. Come see for yourself how this philosophy results in the finest vacation experience available.


Tico Charm

Costa Ricans are proud to call themselves “Ticos”. Our staff is comprised entirely of native Ticos and permanent residents. The humble Tico diminutive shines through in their warmth and friendly service. Many of our guests become long-term pen-pals or Facebook friends with our staff. That may be hard to believe until you experience the Tico charm for yourself.


Service con mucho gusto

Con mucho gusto – with much pleasure – is a phrase you will hear often at Rancho Pacifico. To us, it has more than one meaning. On one hand, it means that it truly gives us much pleasure to serve our guests and to see the joy they experience during their time with us. On the other hand, it means that everything at Rancho Pacifico is intended to give our guests much pleasure. This is your home while you are here. Relax and enjoy yourself – con mucho gusto!

Now you know the RP Story. Ready to write your story?