Health and Safety

Ready to travel again but still a bit concerned about COVID-19?

We understand.

When you are ready for international travel again, small boutique hotels like Rancho Pacifico provide the best vacation experience – and the safest possible environment.  You can relax knowing that we take all of the following measures to keep our guests safe and healthy.


In accordance with the regulations of the Costa Rica Ministry of Health, all guests arriving prior to April 1, 2022 must provide proof of vaccination at check-in.


You will enjoy all meals served a-la-carte in a gorgeous open-air environment.  There are no buffets at RP.


Dining tables are used only once each meal and are sanitized prior to the next meal.


Dining tables are set at least 6 feet apart.


With a maximum capacity of only 20 guests, opportunities for exposure are quite limited.


Guest accommodations are set apart from each other with no common entries, elevators or hallways.


All employees wash their hands frequently and thoroughly – especially those in food and beverage services.


All guest rooms are thoroughly sanitized prior to arrival.


The reception/concierge desk is sanitized after each guest contact including any pens used.


We sanitize all common areas after each guest contact.


We screen all employees daily for symptoms of illness.


We never ask you to sign a bar tab or restaurant bill, and no cash changes hands during your stay.


Concerned guests have little or no need to leave the property with an on-site infinity pool, hot tub, restaurant, bar, fitness room, spa, hiking trails, birding, waterfall, yoga platform, and cabana that are all exclusively for guest use.

We are ready to share the wonders of Costa Rica with you as soon as you are.