Is it safe there?

Yes! Rancho Pacifico is located high up a mountain road that is monitored around the clock. We see more monkeys than outsiders here. We also have our own night watchman who patrols the grounds on foot and will even escort you to your villa or suite after dinner. During excursions off the property, guests should use the same level of common sense as one would use travelling in any unfamiliar area. Don’t leave valuables unattended or in plain view, be cautious of your activities after sunset, and be wary of “helpful” strangers.

Can I drink the water?

Yes! Sanitation standards are quite high in Costa Rica. Unlike many other tropical areas, the water is completely safe to drink. This also means that it is safe to enjoy fresh foods like fruits, juices and salads. At Rancho Pacifico, our water is sourced from a high mountain spring and piped directly to the hotel where we run it through an ultra-violet filter and then to your tap. You will find it to be delicious and refreshing after a strenuous hike through our nature preserve.

Are there mosquitos at RP?

Surprisingly, we have very few mosquitos. Contrary to the common image of a tropical rainforest, we don’t see them much here at Rancho Pacifico. Apparently, they aren’t as attracted to our amazing views of the Whale’s Tail as we are!

Do I need to rent a car?

It depends on your preferences. For those who prefer to leave the driving to others, our concierge can arrange transportation using local taxis or hotel vehicles. This can get a little expensive if you plan to do a lot of exploring or off-site activities. If you prefer to do the driving, or if you plan to be out and about a lot, we recommend renting a vehicle.  We can reserve your rental car for you, or you can reserve it yourself.   If you decide to rent, a mid-size or larger four-wheel drive vehicle is required! We can also arrange a short-term rental while you are here.

Is RP suitable for children?

Rancho Pacifico is an adults-only hotel.  Guests 18 years or older are welcome.

How do I get to RP?

Most of our guests start by flying into San José. From there, we can arrange a private driver for you, you can rent a car, or take a spectacular short flight to Quepos or Palmar Sur and we can arrange transportation to RP from there. Click here to see our maps and directions or call us if you’d like more information or specific recommendations for your itinerary.

How long does it take to get to RP?

Driving from San José to Rancho Pacifico takes about 3.5 hours. If you are flying into Quepos or coming from the Manuel Antonio area, you can expect about a one hour drive to Rancho Pacifico. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. If you are driving from San José, you can stop at the Río Tarcoles bridge and see live crocodiles in the river below or stop at one of the many roadside “Sodas” serving delicious authentic Costa Rican food.

Can RP accommodate gluten free, vegetarian, low carb diets or food allergies?

Yes! Our chefs Alex and David can accommodate your dietary needs. Please let us know when you make your reservation if you have any special dietary requirements or preferences.

How will I get to the beach?

Rancho Pacifico is in close proximity to at least a dozen amazing beaches, including the famous Whale’s Tail beach. Depending on your preferences, we’ll guide you to the right one so you can enjoy your choice of surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, and other activities. The beaches are a 15 to 20 minute drive from RP. You can drive your own rental car or our concierge can arrange transportation for you. We also provide beach chairs, towels, umbrellas and coolers for your enjoyment. When you are finished at the beach, you will be delighted to get back up to the cooler sea breezes we enjoy on our mountain perch!

Do I need cash for tips?

Rancho Pacifico is a cash free destination. You will not need cash for tips or anything else at the hotel. We won’t even bother you to sign for room charges! If you choose, you will have the opportunity at checkout to add a single gratuity to be shared equally by the staff or you may add gratuities for individual staff members who were particularly helpful to you.

Will I need Costa Rican currency (Colones)?

You will not need Colones at Rancho Pacifico. However, you will need Colones for tolls if you are driving, and you may need Colones for purchases you make outside of the hotel. While most vendors accept credit cards or U.S. dollars, we recommend carrying about $100 worth of Colones just in case. You can get Colones in the baggage claim area of the airport using the ATM or the currency exchange.

Is RP all-inclusive?

A gourmet breakfast is complimentary to all guests at Rancho Pacifico. We also offer an optional All-Inclusive Dining Package. This package includes our full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Alcoholic beverages, mini-bar, and carry-out meals are not included. The All-Inclusive Dining Package may be added to your reservation when you book on-line or over the phone. The price is $60 per person per night not including taxes and service charges.

What activities are available at Rancho Pacifico?

We have an amazing variety of activities to make your trip an experience you will never forget. Hiking, spa treatments, bird watching, cooking classes, yoga, fitness classes, exercise facilities, swimming, hot-tub soaking and sunbathing are all available on-site. For those seeking adventure, you can choose from white water rafting, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, whale watching, wild life tours, horseback riding, golf, four-wheeling, and of course zip-lining. Our concierge can arrange any of these activities and more upon your arrival.

Do I need to book spa treatments or activities in advance?

No. You will be able to book spa treatments and activities with our concierge when you arrive. However, if you are staying at RP for a short stay, some activities require a 2-day notice. Booking in advance will assure that you won’t miss anything you’ve been hoping to do!

Can Rancho Pacifico accommodate guests with mobility conditions?

Due to the mountainous terrain, Rancho Pacifico is NOT recommended for people with mobility conditions.

What type of electrical outlets are used in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica uses the same electrical standards as the rest of North America.  Outlets are 120 volts and 60 hz.  Visitors from Europe and other parts of the world may need adapters.