Costa Rica Eco Resort

As a leading Costa Rica Eco Resort, we believe that sustainability should be at the core of our business.  At Rancho Pacifico, it is something we think about every day. For us, it is about providing our guests a luxury rainforest experience while preserving the environment around us.  Keep reading to learn about some of our sustainability practices.  You can help too with some fun activities during your stay.

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Costa Rica Eco Resort – Sustainable by Design

One of the first things guests notice upon arrival at our Costa Rica eco resort is the stunning architecture. The design is not only beautiful but also highly energy efficient. Our common areas and most of our guest rooms are completely open air allowing for natural ventilation. At nearly 2,000 feet (600 meters) above sea level, the ocean breezes are cool and refreshing. Even more impressive, over 95% of the electricity we use is produced from renewable resources. We also source our water from a mountain spring and treat it with UV light – not chemicals. Local suppliers and our own gardens provide the freshest ingredients for our world-class restaurant.  Our goal is to design sustainability into everything we do.



By the late 1980’s, much of Costa Rica had been deforested for lumber production and agriculture.  Since then, the country has made amazing progress in reforestation, and we are glad to help continue that progress.  We recently teamed with the Association Community Carbon Trees to plant 700 trees around the property. Using a variety of native species designed to attract and sustain local wildlife, we are accelerating the reforestation of areas that had been cleared years ago.


Sustainable Tourism

Rancho Pacifico is proud to work with local organizations to provide sustainable tourism activities for our guests.  We carefully screen the tour companies we work with to ensure they are using best practices.  We also provide activities that provide uniquely authentic sustainable experiences.  Guests can sign up to help our friends at Reserva Playa Tortuga with nesting sea turtles or research focused on monkeys, macaws, butterflies and reptiles.  Guests who take our all-day epic waterfall hike will stop at the La Guagara family farm.  This is a traditional Costa Rican farm demonstrating sustainable agriculture including coffee growing and processing.

Views of Corcovado National Park from the Rancho Pacifico Costa Rica luxury resort.

Major Announcement Coming Soon

Rancho Pacifico is in the process of joining an international network of businesses dedicated to sustainability.  Watch this space for more details coming soon.

“With many thanks for your friendship and great respect for your wonderful stewardship of a very special part of the Costa Rican rainforest. Best wishes.”

– Al Gore

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