Before You Book

Where did Al Gore go to experience the Rainforest?​
Where did Sheryl Crow stay for creative inspiration?
Where did Anderson Cooper choose to get away from it all?
And where do political figures stay for privacy, security and luxury?​​

RP was right for them, but is it right for you? RP provides an authentic tropical rainforest experience with the refinements of a boutique luxury hotel. Our approach is, in the words of one guest, “casual elegance, refined but not pretentious – like a spacious estate with lots of privacy and personal attention.”

After years of operation, we know that nearly all of our guests are “above and beyond” satisfied. As you consider spending your vacation with us, please read below to get an idea of what to expect in our tropical paradise to ensure that you will be equally delighted!


Why are you coming to Costa Rica – and what experience do you seek?

Are you coming to Costa Rica to experience nature and the rainforest, to relax on the beach, or for romance or adventure? Whatever your reasons, you can experience the best of these from Rancho Pacifico. For us, the key word is experience. Rancho Pacifico was designed to truly present an opportunity to live within a thriving tropical wilderness – not just to “see it”. You are immersed in the one-of-a-kind natural sensations that surround our remote setting – not from within an “urbanized” environment designed to make you an observer. Here, you are truly an experiencer – with the real and rare opportunity to create a memory that cannot be duplicated.


Do you really want to go “High-End”?

Central America has long had a reputation of being an inexpensive travel destination. Over the years, however, Costa Rica has seen the birth of a true luxury sector. Discerning travelers understand that the level of service one expects at a luxury establishment does not fit the budget travel cost structure. Rancho Pacifico is among a few adults-only boutique properties throughout the country that have raised the bar in quality and service – and is priced consistently with these and other fine, small properties throughout the world.


Do you want to experience a remote location – and the nature one finds there?

Some visitors to Costa Rica are seeking a more urban experience than they will find at RP. For example, the howler monkeys will try to wake you before the sun rises. When a tropical downpour hits, it can get damp. Occasionally you’re going to see a horned beetle, oversized grasshopper or a gecko. Our 1.5-mile gravel access road is going to transport you to “another world”. While the road is safe and well maintained, it is bumpy and steep. For guests unaccustomed to wilderness, these things may be undesirable. For others, this is why they come to Costa Rica…and to RP.


What amenities are you seeking?

Rancho Pacifico is a relaxed place – modern in appearance, but a bit old-fashioned in its ways. We purposely do not have TV’s or phones in the rooms (we do have good cellular coverage and free Wi-Fi throughout the property). Most of the property is designed in an open-air concept without air conditioning (with the exception of our Luxury Suites and the bedroom in our Villa Romantica). At nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, the cool breezes keep us comfortable year-round.


How are you going to get around?

While Rancho Pacifico is in close proximity to the town of Uvita, diverse beaches, and many activities, it is not within walking distance. The serenity and pristine nature of our environment requires a 1.5 mile trip “down the mountain” through gorgeous jungle and amazing ocean vistas to a newly paved main highway. We highly recommend renting a four wheel drive vehicle as the most convenient and cost effective form of transportation. Taxi services are available, however, they are relatively expensive.


Do you mind changing weather conditions?

Costa Rica is a country of rainforest – and yes, at least part of the year, it rains in the rainforest. Those seeking bright, sunny days with hardly any rain will best enjoy December through April. May, June, July, August and November are thought of as Indian summer here – clear mornings and late afternoon showers. Late August, September and October usually have clear mornings – with longer rain showers in the afternoon and evening. During the rainier season, many guests tell us they love the rain and look forward to it! They plan their mornings out – and settle down for a restful afternoon napping, reading or having a massage in our award-winning spa. But some don’t care for this routine. Please plan accordingly.


Here or there? – Making the right choice among accommodations.

We get a lot of inquiries from folks who have searched the internet and narrowed their choice to a few of the finer hotels around Costa Rica. Here are a few very honest comparisons designed to help you make the best choice.

If you want to be ON the beach – you will have to go “there”. If you want an authentic Costa Rica experience 2,000 feet up into the cool mountain breezes with spectacular views of the ocean and easy access to at least a dozen distinct beaches, come to RP.

If you want just a nice hotel room – “there” is probably your choice. If you prefer a unique, award-winning, private dwelling in the rainforest, come to RP.

If you prefer a city-like hotel with traditional urban amenities – you may be happier “there”. If you like the idea of feeling like you landed in an exclusive private estate in an exotic part of the world – without TV or in-room phones, come to RP.

Rancho Pacifico was right for Anderson Cooper, Sheryl Crow and Al Gore. Is Rancho Pacifico right for you?